“Non verbal Communication is also a part of communication that can boost your confidence” Body language or non verbal communication fills the gap between the words you speak and how best it is understood by others. By developing an awareness of body language, effective communication and ease to understand is attained. While delivering a […]

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Humans have many emotions like love, hatred, anger and happiness. But these have to be coordinated in a proper way. Anemployee’s understanding of his/ her emotions along with their colleague’s emotions at workplace to create better working environment and coordination is termed as emotional intelligence.Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and […]

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Remind These 12 tips to boost your personality

What is Personality Development? An individual’s personality refers to his/ her appearance, characteristics, attitude, mindset and behavior with others. Personality development is an enduring process of fostering, shaping and enhancing individual’s skills, knowledge and interests to ascertain their maximum efficacy and compliance. The aim of personality development programme is to groom the individuals to build […]

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Collaboration strategy to bond and build your team

The DNA to build and bond your team is collaboration. The collaborative environment in a team promotes communication, understanding, ideas, diversities, learning and purpose, all directing the team towards profits and prosperity. Collaboration is a mind-set which is largely expected to occupy a greater space in the mind of every member in a team. It […]

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How can you improve your presentation skills?
presentation skill developemt

1. Prepare your content and structure it properly. Identify the topic, for whom it is intended, why it is intended and how it should be presented. Identify from where you can muster the contents for the presentation. Structure your contents in a proper manner having an introduction, the sections and finally the summary and conclusion. […]

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Theory A “principle” is acceptance of something as truth or a belief that a certain standard or rule is not up for debate. Principles are the absolute rules and standards agreed upon by the society. A “value ” is a person’s personal belief for or against something. A value may be inherently right or wrong. Principles […]

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Scoop out time for thinking
soft skill-best training

How much time do we spent on thinking daily? What kind of thinking do we have? Is it creative thinking, logical thinking, critical thinking or problem solving? Don’t we think more about the past? Do we think about our future? Don’t we feel that worry is also a thought about what might happen tomorrow? Are […]

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Be the author of your day
softskill training kerala

Script your day and act the script Plan your day, schedule your priorities, work on them and feel the thrills of accomplishment, for the day has turned out the way you wanted it to be. It is the choices that you make and the decisions that you take, that determine how your day is going […]

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Win the battle with the bed

Breaking the darkness of the night, as the brook of sunlight flows down from the eastern mountains to flood our villages, hamlets, towns and cities and enters our home as the most auspicious visitor of the dawn, should we not be out of our beds to welcome it? When buds bloom into flowering petals, when […]

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The Super Glue of Life

 Apology is the super glue of life and it can repair just about anything. The serene joy of life is woven with the fabric of interpersonal relations. There could be times when we feel the fabric rend asunder. Then mince no time to stitch it with an apology. I bet you, a million little things […]

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